What is a Sewage Backup?

A sewage backup should never be confused with a blocked toilet. While the severity of blocked toilets may or may not lead to a sewage leakage in your home, they are relatively simple problems to fix by the homeowner or a professional plumbing company.

A sewage backup is a much more serious problem that always requires the services of a professional plumbing company. The symptoms of a sewage backup are sewage emanating from your shower, bathtub or faucet drains. This problem, unless dealt with promptly, can cause a serious health threat to you and your family.

The sewage backup is caused by a blockage within the sewage line itself, not just in your toilet. In the worst cases, it’s caused by a blockage in the public sewer line that your sewage system ties into, and can affect the residences of your neighbours as well.


Dealing with Sewage Backups

A professional plumbing company can quickly check your sewer line to see if there is a blockage somewhere along that line. If there is, they will be able to assess what it will take to fix it. Once approved by the homeowner, they will fix the problem using the most efficient method.

Often, a sewage backup can be unclogged or fixed without having to dig up the sewer line. However, if your sewer line is crushed or totally inoperable, major excavation work may be needed to repair the damage.

If the plumbing company determines the blockage is occurring in the public sewer line, the public sewer authorities must be alerted. In any event, a sewage backup is a problem that must always be handled by professionals.


Call in the Professionals

Once you’ve called a professional plumbing company, they will get to work pinpointing the location and severity of the blockage. Using a plumbing inspection camera is usually the fastest way to accomplish this.

If they find the blockage within the homeowner’s sewage system, they can get to work unclogging it or repairing the damage causing the blockage. The plumbing company should notify the homeowner along each step of the way through the process.

If the diagnosis phase of the operation reveals no blockage within the homeowner’s sewage system, they will notify the local authorities that the sewage backup is being caused by the public sewer line and the public works department will be tasked with clearing with the blockage or repairing the damage. The private plumbing company does not have the authority to perform any work on a public sewer line.


O’Manuel Plumbing Handles Sewage Backups

O’Manuel Plumbing is the first company you should call if you notice the symptoms of a sewage backup in your home. They can quickly respond, perform an inspection of your sewage system, and notify of you of where the blockage is occurring. If the blockage is occurring on your property, they can quickly and efficiently clear the blockage or repair the damage causing the sewage backup.

Sewage backups are always an emergency situation that O’Manuels Plumbing is thoroughly trained for and ready to deal with. Call them in any emergency plumbing situation.