Plumbing Repairs for The Sydney North Shore Area

O’Manuel Plumbing has been serving the Sydney North Shore area for over 35 years. In that time, we have handled every type of plumbing repair imaginable, providing services that have saved Sydney residents from suffering mild inconveniences and catastrophic failures to their plumbing systems and appliances.

We can quickly clear a drain, sewer or pipe of any blockage and have it flowing as it should once again. But we also fix the appliances that are at the end of these plumbing systems.

Having a universal knowledge of any plumbing system or appliance has made O’Manuel the first company to called on a regular basis.


Plumbing System Repairs

Whether it’s an emergency or a regularly scheduled appointment, O’Manuel Plumbing will always show up at the job with the equipment and parts to get any plumbing system repair job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We handle plumbing repairs for new solar systems and ancient, traditional plumbing systems with equal skill and knowledge. We have the tools to quickly diagnose the problem, whether it’s leakages or blockages and assess the most efficient way to correct the problem so that you can get on with your life.

We use the most modern methods in our diagnostic and treatment methods, employing plumbing camera inspections to diagnose the source of a blockage along any drain or pipe. They enable us to make absolutely certain what the problem entails before we tackle it.

We also use both the traditional and the trenchless system of pipe repair. This gives the homeowner two options of costs in dealing with the need to replace a drain or pipe buried in the ground.


Plumbing Appliance Repairs

We are extremely knowledgeable in the repair and replacement of dishwashers, washing machines, hot water heaters, sprinkler systems, toilets, taps, bidets, bathtubs, showers and hot tubs.

We can advise our clients looking to replace their existing appliance with one that has a larger capacity or simply does the job better.

We can quickly track down the necessary part to fix most any brand of plumbing appliance and have it with us when we arrive to do the requested job. You won’t need to call in an electrician to handle the electrical side of a plumbing appliance either, we are trained to handle the electrical requirements of plumbing appliances.

Our emergency repair work will always be completed on our first visit. We know it’s important just to get the problem sorted so you can go on about your life.

Most of our regularly scheduled repair work won’t take more than a day either. We come equipped to do the job based on the job requirements themselves. It’s more convenient for the customer and a more efficient way for us to work.

If you need any plumbing repair work done on an emergency or regularly scheduled basis, don’t hesitate to call O’Manuel Plumbing for professional and qualified plumbing repair services.