Installation, Repair and Maintenance of Hot Water Systems

Having a reliable source of hot water heaters is something everyone takes for granted. But when your hot water system suffers a malfunction or complete failure, it can leave you scrambling to adapt to the loss of something that is a part of your everyday life and not something you feel you can do without.

We install, repair and perform maintenance services on every type of hot water system available today. If you’re thinking about replacing your hot water system, we’re the first people you should talk to find out the options you have and the benefits of each type of system. We’ve been installing and maintaining hot water systems in the North shore area for over 35 years.

We know all the ins and outs of every type of hot water system and can recommend the right one for your budget and daily household needs.


Types of Hot Water Systems

There are 4 main types of hot water systems on the market today in Australia. They are electric, gas, solar and heat pump systems. But they all offer different types of benefits versus costs.

Electric hot water heaters come in two types, there are storage hot water heaters where a heating element inside a tank maintains the hot water temperature that you set. There are also instant hot water heaters. These electric hot water heaters heat water on demand. Both types of electric water heaters are cheaper initially, but may be more expensive if you have a large family that uses a lot of hot water as your electrical bills may be significantly higher.

Gas water heaters are similar to electric water heaters; the heated water is stored in a tank ready for use. Instant water heaters are also offered in a gas variety.

These instant water heaters, both gas and electric, are generally the best for large families where everyone wants to shower in the morning, as they can be installed in several bathrooms and work independent of each other. The thing to take into consideration is whether you pay more for your gas or electricity and figure out how much each type of heater will consume.

A solar hot water system is generally the most expensive to have installed, but they offer significant savings down the road by a dramatic reduction in your energy costs. These systems are also the most environmentally-friendly system, although you will still have to use gas or electricity to augment their heating capabilities during lengthy periods of inclement weather.

A heat pump hot water system is also environmentally-friendly and offers a more efficient use of renewable energy. These systems use a process that transfers heat, absorbed by the surrounding environment to heat the water. They are also more expensive to buy upfront.


Call Us to Answer Any Questions

Whatever type of hot water heating system you are thinking of investing in, you’ll need to consider your budget and your family’s daily needs into the equation. As qualified plumbing engineers can answer any questions you may have about any of these types of systems.