We Fix Blocked Drains, Taps and Toilets

When your drain, tap or toilet becomes clogged it can leave you feeling helpless. You may not know where in your plumbing system the blockage is occurring, and even if you do, you may have no idea how to go about solving the problem you’re faced with.

Blocked drains, taps and toilets may require different approaches as they may be entirely different problems. That’s why you really should rely on a qualified plumbing company like O’Manuel Plumbing. We can quickly find the cause of blockages to all three of these systems and have them running as good as new in no time.


Blocked Drains

Having a blocked drain can mean that water may become backed up and threaten to spill out onto expensive indoor floors and outdoor decking and surfaces. It’s a justifiable emergency. But before you run out and spend money on caustic chemicals which may or may not work and will harm the environment regardless, give us a call.

We have much quicker and more effective methods to solve the problem of a blocked drain. The money you spend and the risks involved in using caustic chemicals to solve a clogged drain are rarely worth the trouble. We’ll unclog your drain quickly, completely and without costing you an arm and a leg.


Blocked Taps

Blocked taps are generally noticed because of an immediate drop in water pressure after you’ve first turned on the tap. This is because the material causing the blockage is just floating in the pipe of a closed tap. Once you open the tap, that material is shoved up against a narrowing in the pipe and that’s causing the blockage.

We have several methods we can use to correct any blockage in your water tap. Identifying the most likely places for a blockage along your water lines is the first step. After that we’ll use the simplest and most effective method to clear your water line and restore your water pressure to its normal level. We’ll also generally perform an

inspection on your system if we find that corrosion is the cause of your blocked taps and recommend corrective action to prevent it from recurring.


Blocked Toilets

Blocked toilets are one of the most common problems we answer calls for. If you have kids in the house, you’ve probably had a blocked toilet at some point. Toys and toilets seem to gravitate to one another and plungers and toilet snakes should be necessary equipment for all parents to have on hand.

But if you have a seriously blocked toilet, you should call a professional plumber to clear it. He’ll come equipped with everything that’s needed to remove the fixture from its base, clear the blockage and re-install a new wax ring before re-installing the toilet. And he’ll do it quickly and efficiently without ruining the flooring of your bathroom.

O’Manuel Plumbing is well-practiced in clearing all three of these types of blockages. If you have a blocked drain, tap or toilet, call in the professionals. We’ll have your drain, tap or toilet running smoothly in the time it takes you to go out and buy all the necessary equipment to fix it yourself.