Knowing what to do when you have a plumbing problem can save you money, and, in certain situations can avert a plumbing disaster. Here are some handy tips for your safety and convenience.   

Know Where Your Isolating / Meter Taps Are Located

You should know where your water meter and isolating tap is in case of a plumbing emergency, whether you live in house or apartment. In an apartment, your isolating tap will look like a ‘T’-head tap sticking out of the wall. It may be in a cabinet under the kitchen or bathroom sink. In a house the tap will be located with the water meter outside and may be hidden by shrubbery.

If you turn the tap, but the water doesn’t stop and you’re in an apartment, call your apartment managers immediately. If you’re in a house and facing the same problem, call O’manuel Plumbing for immediate replacement. Sydney Water offers a free replacement service, but it takes up to 10 days.

High Water Bill Costs

If your water bill suddenly appears abnormally high, it may be because you have an undetected water leak. Here’s how to be certain you have a leak that may be underground or where it simply isn’t apparent.

Check your water meter before you go to bed and make a note of the reading. Ensure that no one in the household will be using the water during the course of the night. If your water meter has changed in the morning, you have a water leak and should call a qualified plumbing company to trace its source and repair it.

Leaking Cistern

The way to checking a cistern you suspect may be leaking, is to put a bit of food colouring in the water of the cistern. If coloured water appears in the back of the toilet pan, turn off the water flow to the cistern by turning the stop tap clockwise. The tap is generally beside or below the cistern.

You should then call a plumbing company, like O’manuel Plumbing, to come and fix the leak.

Removing Taps

If you’re planning on removing nice taps for cleaning or maintenance, wrap the tap fitting with a thick cloth to prevent damage by the jaws of the pliers you use to remove them.

Gas Fittings and Appliances

Leaking gas is a dangerous situation and you should know how to deal with it immediately. If you’re in an apartment and you smell gas, call the building managers immediately. They’ll know right where the stop valve is and can get to it quickly.

If you’re in a house, the gas meter is usually located on an outside wall of the building. The stop valve will be located right near it. To turn off the gas, simply turn the lever or handle 90 degrees from its present orientation.

If you notice a gas smell coming from your storage water heater, the pilot light in your water heater has probably gone out. To relight it, follow the link: The instructions for relighting it are on the right hand panel. If you need any further help, call O’manuel Plumbing at 0411 198 384.